As part of CC’s Coronavirus campaign, we have been busy renovating and upgrading the Conservation Resource Centre in Maun. Once school activities are resumed, we look forward to welcoming back conservation clubs and community classes to use the variety of conservation resources on offer. As part of the project, we are improving playing fields, restocking the library, updating the computer room and repairing the tents for some great new overnight camps we are designing.

As this is a community project, we invited community members to help, instilling a sense of ownership and belonging in the Resource Centre. We were delighted to be approached by a group of local youth artists (The Art Times) who were working on a project of their own called “tag Maun”. They are creating murals in different parts of Maun to empower artists and give Maun a welcome face lift . They willingly donated their time and creativity to our Centre and have designed four big and bright murals for our walls. They are incredibly talented and cleverly captured our core messages of “Inspiring kids who care”, “Learning from wildlife”, “We are all Connected” and “Respect Yourself, Respect others, Respect your environment!






While they were busy painting and chatting, we learned that one of the artists, Elijah Molatole, was a Coaching Conservation Kid Who Cares ten years ago, and it was this memorable experience that encouraged them to reach out to help us now!

I sat down with Elijah to hear about his experience with Coaching Conservation:

“I was raised in Maun and attended Letsholathebe Primary School. As a primary school student, I was a very energetic and enthusiastic young boy. I was also social and interactive with both students and teachers. I think this is what led to my participation in many of the programs introduced to the school at the time – one of these programs being the Coaching Conservation experience in 2010 at Maun Sports Complex. The experience was an inspiration to me because, at the time I had what were the early realizations of my dream of being an influencer and impact driver in my community. Meeting Lucas Radebe who was our football idol, Prince Harry and Joe Jonas was just the spark I needed to drive my interest in becoming a person of impact. The experience showed me the possibility of achieving the dreams I had of becoming a driver of change and making a positive impact in the world.

One other thing I got out of my Coaching Conservation experience 10 years ago was the encouragement of my participative spirit which was an important factor in my personal growth, coming into the business and entrepreneurial  environment, because through participation I learned the necessary skills to interact and work with others to achieve collective goals and this all started with Coaching Conservation!

I also got a chance to learn about animals like the wild dogs and the cheetah amongst others. This made me more aware of these animals, their behavior and their natural environment. This later in my life gave rise to the love and respect that I now have for animals and my interest in the conservation efforts that are being introduced and implemented. This is the main reason I had no question in my head about working with Coaching Conservation again.

Thank you, Elijah, for becoming a Kid Who Cares and donating your time today to inspiring other kids to care! We love hearing these stories, as they give remind us of the impact that the CC program is having in our community and how we must keep working, offering our Learning from Wildlife programs to as many kids as possible.

 Elijah, CC volunteer and member of Art Times, Maun

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