COVID-19 left all our CC staff and coaches without any children to teach or mentor, but we have not been sitting idle!

We quickly recognized the opportunity that Coronavirus has presented to make everyone in the world more aware of how connected we really all are, and how our behaviour as individuals impacts everyone else. CC’s “We Are All Connected“ campaign is rooted in our commitment to raising awareness amongst people living with wildlife of the connection between environmental health and human health.

Early on in the course of the global pandemic, CC discerned and responded to the need for accurate information about coronavirus amongst rural African communities who do not have reliable access to internet or even television – essentially none of the information that is readily available elsewhere. Wetherefore set about producing and printing a Coronavirus Survival Kit (also available to download on our website) which precisely addresses the education gap that has been identified by the District Commissioner and the department of Basic Education.

Notes from the field:

To date we have printed and distributed 8000 copies of our Coronavirus Survival Kit throughout the Ngamiland district. We started off distribution during lockdown when the need for information was most pressing by distributing 6000 copies in clinics, post offices, kgotlas (tribal administration offices) and small general dealers in remote areas where access to information was limited.

Following some important feedback from users of the publication, and the support of local businesses (Xigera Safari Lodge – Botswana, Villa Packers & Safaris, Natural Selection, African Bush Camps Foundation, Planet Okavango) we developed a second, more illustrated version (with the help of Content and talented illustrator Charles Bongers). We printed 2000 more of these booklets under the guidance of the Basic Education office. These have been distributed directly to schools (2 per classroom) where it can be certain that the students have access to the booklets and that they are used and monitored by their teachers.

“Distribution in the schools has been beneficial to the students and well received and appreciated by the head teachers and students alike. They are using the booklet to further enlighten students about how COVID-19 has affected us and how to behave and stay safe in these trying times.”

Veronica Ridge, PEO, Training and Development.

Ministry of Basic Education, NW District.

The booklet has also helped keep us in contact with local schools and teachers throughout our region, helping us prepare for our core CC programs when we can get back to “normal”.  Concurrently, we are running an art and creative writing competition within schools, to allow children to express their own experiences with COVID-19 and their own understanding of how “We Are All Connected”.  Look out for the winners, who will be announced in the next school term.

Join us in sharing the ‘We are All Connected’ Campaign with your friends, families and communities. Download the free Coronavirus Survival Kit – for the FAMILY – and please use or employ it wherever you see a need.

If possible, please DONATE to help CC produce the next publication – The Resilience Issue, focused on building understanding, skills and ideas to make our hard-hit communities stronger and more resilient in the wake of coronavirus.





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